Stay safe and wear helmets, Sir Bradley Wiggins urges London cyclists
“I think cyclists have to help themselves in terms of wearing helmets and things. I think that probably should go some way to becoming the law soon.”
これに対してすかさずChris Boardmanが反論

Olympic cycling star Chris Boardman: Motorists must be held liable for crashes with cyclists and pedestrians on London's street
“If people want to wear one, no problem, but if you start pushing for it, you should also tell people to wear one when they’re up a ladder, when they’re in the bathroom or driving a car, all of which are statistically more dangerous.”
以前にも述べた通り、この点について決まった解はなく、正義に固執した議論は得るものが無いように思えます。 ただ、主観的な負担感という観点からみると、ロンドンのライダーはもはやそこまで負担感を感じていないように思えます。義務づけのない現時点でも大多数が着用しているように見えるのがその理由です。


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